A letter from the CEO

Thank you for visiting our website.  Each day is a new opportunity to experience life’s gifts and to bask in the wonderment of it all!

Unfortunately, some experience depression, sadness, and loneliness.  The Compassion Alliances exists to provide hope and we could not do it without your support.

  • You have encouraged us, when seeing the glass as “half full” seemed impossible.
  • You have referred friends in need to us while introducing our team to your powerful network.
  • You have contributed money to our cause, all of which is 100% allocated to absorbing costs for all in need of our services.
  • You make it all worthwhile – and you make it possible.

With intense gratitude and humility, we are once again asking for your help.

We invite you to lean in –

From the start, we knew our mission was a challenging one.  At the Compassion Alliance, we want to faithfully serve those who need hope, and may not know where to turn. We strive to be present in the most painful circumstances in someone’s personal and professional life. We lean into the uncomfortable of each of these situations to allow those who are struggling to know that they have a voice and access to resources.

Your support of our mission is making a difference.  If you feel so inclined, please use the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope to make your tax-free donation.  The Compassion Alliance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  You will receive a receipt for your contribution along with a special gift from our board of directors.

With a grateful heart for all that you do and with many with thanks.

Tony Rodarte

Tony Rodarte
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (ret.)
Law Enforcement Consultant & Trainer

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Are you a first responder that is feeling like your job is overwhelming you?

Are you a family member or a friend of a first responder and you have concerns that you need to find a safe place to ask questions?

The Compassion Alliance is ready to help. We are ready to walk with you through the journey to get healthy.

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